Why when I open TopoNavigator5 for the first time, I can not upload maps to the GPS?


Because the initial setup does not contain the maps for GPS. Therefore, you have to ask TopoNavigator5 to construct them. For that, you have to open the TopoNavigator5 environment in WGS84 and go to File/Update map for GPS Garmin. From there, you choose successively Road  Map and then Topographic map (the order does not matter).

How do I send the map to the GPS?

faq_002Connect the device to your PC and make sure that a communication is established. Go to the menu GPS/GARMIN/Send visible data and map, then choose Road and Topographic map in the new form and click OK.

The checkboxes at the send map form are inactive. What is going on?

You have not created the map for GPS. See question 1.

I have created the Garmin maps and have just connected the GPS, but once the mouse rolls over the menu GPS/Garmin there is a message ''Connect the Garmin GPS''. What is going on?

The computer did not have the time to recognize the GPS. It takes 5-20 seconds for the GPS memory to be accessed and its features to be read.

How can I send a particular area and not all of Greece to the GPS?


By pressing the button faq_005-2 on the toolbar Tools, a grid of 168 quadrilaterals covering Greece is displayed. With the mouse, select one or more tiles (use Shift and Control buttons for cumulative selection) and then send the selected tiles to the GPS.

Why are there two icons on the desktop and with which one does the TopoNavigator5 start?

The first one (GGRS87) opens the software program in EGSA87 environment. It is the Greek Geodetic Reference System created by Prof. G. Veis in 1987 and its coordinates are expressed in meters. All of the works and measurements in Greece are in EGSA87. The measurements are extremely reliable and the shapes are similar to the real ones.The second one (WGS84) is the Global Geographic System and the coordinates are expressed in degrees. As all geographic systems, it has is a world-wide coverage and the GPS (Global Positioning System) primarily refers in WGS84. It concerns data outside Greece. For technical reasons, the menu to update the map on GPS is available only in this environment.

How do I download the recorded waypoints and tracks from my GPS to TopoNavigator5?

Hit the menu GPS/GARMIN/Import data and on the new form, select the type of data you want to download (points, lines or routes). The other options are not available.

How do I send my data from TopoNavigator5 to the GPS?

faq_008Go to the menu GPS / GARMIN/ Send visible data and map and open the form. Select with the type of data you want to send (points, lines or routes). If you leave the selection to the Lines as Active Log, the data will be considered by the GPS as part of the current log file, otherwise (Lines as Saved Tracks) will be included in the stored tracks memory area (they will be probaly geleralized, though).
The option User data as a map is enabled only if you send both the data and the map and it is interesting if your data are so many so that they could overflow the GPS data memory. By selecting that, your data will be incorporated into a new transparent map layer over the main map.

How do I transfer a routing solution from TopoNavigator5 to the GPS?

faq_009_1After completing the navigation on screen, click the button faq_009_2 in navigation tools. Immediately, a new entry in the table of routes will be created. Send it to the GPS with the data transfer described in question 7.

How do I transfer CustomMaps to the GPS?

Connect the GPS to the computer. Once the GPS is recognized and its ability to accept CustomMaps is confirmed, GPS/GARMIN/New set CustomMaps is activated. When you’re sure the desired area is on screen, press GPS/GARMIN/New set CustomMaps (the map is constructed) and then press GPS/GARMIN/send CustomMaps to GPS (the map is transferred). TopoNavigator5 HOME always sends ONE screen to ONE file, which overlaps the previous CustomMaps the GPS. On the other hand, TopoNavigator5 PRO allows the integration of multiple screens in the same file and the file storage in GPS with different names, thus creating a CustomMaps catalog.

How do I upgrade the program into the current version?

First of all, close the program if it is open. Go to toponavigator.com website and download the upgrade file (Upgrade_TopoNavigator5xx.exe). When dowloaded, double-click on its icon. The rest of the process runs automatically.

After upgrading, how do I update the map for the GPS?

Open TopoNavigator in WGS84 environment and go to File/Update map for GPS Garmin. From there, choose Road map and Topographic map. It does not matter the order of the update.

How do we connect an external NMEA GPS (e.g. Navilock)?

faq_013_1All modern NMEA GPS are USB wired. First connect the NMEA GPS to a USB port and check that it has been recognized (usually it will make a beep) and that works correctly (it may need the appropriate drivers for your Windows version, check on the company’s website, www.navilock.de). Then, on the toolbox NMEA, press the first button  faq_013_2. TopoNavigator5 will automatically detect the external GPS and will start to receive information, which will run as NMEA sentences to the right part of the status zone (bottom bar).

How can we see TopoMaps at TopoNavigator5?

TopoNavigator5 automatically recognizes TopoMaps digital maps transferred to the computer from the ANAVASI 3D TopoMaps, which had a proper setup and the maps were automatically transferred to the appropriate folder. When TopoNavigator5 detects TopoMaps located in the correct position, a third option, TopoMaps is displayed in the legend below the Road and Geophysical map. Digital maps (other ANAVASI TopoMaps, other files or scanned maps) when accompanied by georeferencing files, will be automatically recognized and will be alternated correctly under the following two conditions:A. The files will have the code number 87 or 84 as the last two letters of their name (e.g. Map1_87.tif) and they have been rectified in GGRS87 or WGS84 reference systems, respectvely.B. The files will be placed in a subfolder (under any name) in the folder C: \Program Files\TopoMaps.