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Product Description

TopoNavigator 6 is the sole Greek cartographic software program. Both functions and data are organized having in mind the needs of outdoor reserch and activities. TopoNavigator 6 is the ideal consultant for

hiking in Greece, mountaineering on greek mountains, planning mountain bike trips in Greece, canyoning along greek canyons, canoeing and rafting in greek rivers,

running off-road trips with 4×4 car or enduro and adventures in Greece, or

special orientation travelers, focusing on the rich culture or the gorgeous nature of Greece.

On the other side, researchers, technical and scientific companies or organizations will find Toponavigator very similar to their GIS applications and will tame it easily to serve their daily data management.

The software has been built entirely by Greek engineers and integrates complete road, geographical and topographical data for Greece within a GIS environment.

The strong points that differentiate TopoNavigator 6 from any other mapping software are:

  • complete geographic data for Greece and neighboring regions (not scanned maps or design sketches, but high precision vector data) managed by a powerfull automatic map composition engine.
  • exchanges data with all Garmin and Magellan GPS.
  • creates and loads routable maps for all Garmin GPS.
  • creates and loads cartographic images on newer Garmin GPS (CustomMaps).
  • modern tools of editing, import, and export of data and maps.


Bilingual application:

  • menus, messages, user manual: either in greek or in english.
  • map labels (cities, place names, etc.): either in greek or in english or both.