AnaDigit, obviously from Anavasi, the greek word for “ascent”, a route of 35 years that has began with a mountaineering magazine, written by hand and reproduced at a Xerox in Technical University of Xanthi, and reaches here, 30 years later.

Since 1996, that the first map under the name of Anavasi had been published, has come a long way in commercial cartography: companies flourished and disappeared, sometimes with emphasis on the “commercial” and sometimes on the “cartography”, others free-ride successfully and others still squatting silently, and Anavasi divided into two parts, the publishing –oriented departement and the software-oriented team.

So, AnaDigit was born, a small group of scientists that put the experience, the data and the partnerships of many years and creats new ways of management and use of cartographic information. With TopoNavigator as a core, new products and features are being developed that appeal to the traveler, the hiker, the professional, the student.

More specifically,  AnaDigit focuses on:

 – TopoNavigator, the first – and only – Greek cartographic software, a true GIS, yet friendly, simple and cheap, which has given to thousands of Greeks the possibility to read and process geographic information, a terrain completely inaccessible until now. TopoNavigator hopefully reaches version 5 and  becomes a global mapping platform, with modern graphical interface, rich functionality and geographic information.

 – Digital technology Atlases, which inaugurated a new era for the atlas in Greece, offering scales and approaches hitherto unknown.

In parallel, Anadigit maintains its central role in education and in technical support for those who initiate in GPS technologies.

AnaDigit Team

Τriantafyllos Adamakopoulos
Manager, civil engineer.
Stavros Sirigos
Planning engineer
Νikos Veis
GIS manager
John Sofos
 Surveyor engineer
Angelos Adamakopoulos
Mechanical engineer
Nikos Skouteris
Μaria Efthimiou
Sales manager, GIS technician
Regina Koutsi