1.1. If during the recording state, you open another page / application (eg e-mail, gmail, or phone), the application continues to record.



2.1. If there is a GPS fix and you pan the map (to measure a distance, for instance), it is not necessary to press the re-center button: the map will re-center on the GPS fix 30 sec after the last displacement.

2.2. The distance measure is dynamic: if you leave the cursor at a location, as you pan the map or move you will see the distance to vary continuously, mirroring the current value between your current position and the original location.


3. Map Tiles

3.1. The tiles of various map types are initially stored at android / data / anadigit.toponavigator.maps / data. Each parent folder name reflects the map type name, i.e. the folder containing the map TopoNavigator Terrain GR is labaled tn_terr_gr.

3.2. If you want to move an entire map from a storage place to an other, you move the full file structure, i.e. move the parent folder from the original storage medium to the new place with the help of a file management app. For instance, if you want to move a map stored in te internal memory to the external memory media (usually a SD card), first create a folder named Toponavigator in the SD card root path and drag the entire folder (for example,  tn_terr_gr in the case of TopoNavigator Terrain Greek).



4.1. If you have downloaded a large number of maps (more than 10 Gb), it is obvious that the reading of the SD card and the map archiving needs more time. This is even more evident if you have numerous and very long tracks or routes. The application immediately turns on, but needs an initial time to respond. If you press a button 4-5 times during this initial phase, a message will appear informing you that the application is not responding and asking you if you want to wait or turn it off. By pressing “WAIT”, you will have a complete response in a few seconds.

4.2. Do not turn on the Developer options from the device Settings. This option enables a mechanisms that interfere or interrupt the application’s normal operation in order to provide information to the developer. If this option is enabled you will be granded with screen flashes and delay and/or interruption during startup and operation.