Turn on your GPS device (you will be prompted if the application opens, while the GPS device is not activated). The GPS fix is shown as an arrow (from Settings/GPS Arrow Symbol, select the size and the color that matches the color style of the map in use).

If the Location from WiFi/GSM option is checked, then information from adjacent WiFi or GSM antennas (if there is a SIM in your device) can be used to provide a location fix. This position info is neither used for recording a trackpoint nor can alter your current track recording.

The Time or Distance Interval to register a new trackpoint (vertex) could be set in Settings / Distance Recording Interval dialog (Image 2), and Time Recording Interval dialog (image 3 on the left). A new trackpoint will be stored automatically when one of the two conditions will be satisfied: once the time interval is depleted or the distance measured from the previous trackpoint is equal or greater than the set one).

Two possible scenarios are:

For hicking: Set a 10m distance interval and 60 sec time interval (so one can breath for a minute, without unnecessary points recorded).

For vehicle recording: Set a 5m distance interval and 1sec time interval  (to ensure maximum density of trackpoints and a line snapped to the end of recording, even if the length criterion is not completed).

Topo Navigator provides a Track Generalization routine to face with topological errors inherent to track recording. Select the profile that matches your field work. For more information click here.

Heights over geoid are corrected GPS elevation values to match the real non-ellipsoidal surface of Earth. Corrected heights are very close to real Mean Above Sea Level figures.