Once started up, TopoNavigator Android opening screen has 4 parts:

a. On the form caption you can see the name of the application and an indication about whether it is the Free or the Extreme (full activated) version.

b. The Main Toolbox, on the top right side, with four buttons:Connect/disconnect to GPSSelect/Edit or Center at GPS fix, Digitize line or Start/Stop track recording, Digitize point orCapture/set a Waypoint.

When the device is Landscape oriented, in the middle of the left screen side lies the , which opens the four graphs entity. On the left part of the screen base, the name of the current map is displayed, while on the opposite side lies the name of the active search database.

 c. The graphic scalebar/position information zone and the ZoomIn and ZoomOut buttons, at the bottom side of the form.

d. The main menu section, which appears when you press theproperties button (usually virtual) on the device. This section has up to six menu items:

Settings, Find/Routing, Data Management, OffLine Maps, Import data, Activation

When the application is activated, the Activation option is not anymore visible. The Data Management menu item appears olny if some Waypoints and/or Tracks are registered.