TopoNavigator Android is the first greek Android application with maps for outdoor activities (like hiking in Greece, mountaineering on greek mountains, 4×4 adventures in Greece, exporing greek nature and greek culture). It is combined to TopoNavigator Web Map Server, an advanced map service entirely developed in-house. Essentially, AnaDigit is one of the few companies worldwide that has an own application running their own maps of their own server.

Last evolutionary steps include:

New safer and faster map storage protocol. Maps are now provided by the new server that offers 100 times faster upload.

– Downloads tiles along 1 or more selected tracks or routes

– Structure analysis for any map  type (levels, number of tiles and file size on each level)

– 4 color classes accuracy recodring line symbol

– Auto Routing with 6 different vehicle profiles (faster and shorter, vehicle SUV, 4×4 vehicle, 4×4 adventure and hiking). These options are combined with altitudinal zone option (0-500m, 0 – 1000m, 0 – 1500m, all zones), toll avoidance and unmarked paths avoidance. A complete management and storage routing mechanism allows the user to organize more complex combinations as well as their off – line use.

– On – screen line digitization and advanced editing.

– On – screen point digitization and editing.

– Continuous Speed, Elevation, GPS Accuracy and Slope charts when a GPS is connected

– New companion application GPSInfo, which provides information on the status of satellites, pitch and roll values, records the NMEA in a text file, sends your location by SMS or e-mail and contains an integrated Trip Computer.

– Automatic and manual adjustment of map image resolution to the screen’s resolution, in order to provide readable maps on high resolution displays.

-Speed-related map rotation auto-switch based either on compass bearing or GPS heading

– Five color palettes that interpret the geometric, temporal and elevation values of tracks and routes.