All modern GPS Garmin can display vector maps. Vector data have the advantage of storing much information in a relatively small file size, displaying the same symbol size at any scale and can serve functions such as navigation, labeling, adaptation of the density of information depending on scale etc.
However, all the above parameters involve drawbacks as well, that cartographic images comes to soften. So while the vector map cannot render the image of a building, the color of a slope or the texture of the sea, the cartographic image represents them in a simple way. The image can easily be created in many ways and can coexist with the vector map, as for example by adding a shaded relief under the vectors or reusing information from older maps. Moreover, the image created by a specialized mapping program using complex labeling and symbology resulting in an optimized map composition.

With TopoNavigator, highly readable map images may be transferred to all modern Garmin GPS as Custom Maps. TopoNavigator Garmin Custom Maps benefit the complex database program (eg road network with 5 categories of dirt roads and 18 categories of paths, dozens of waypoints and polygon symbols). So with TopoNavigator, the speed of vector map can be combined with the information richness of map images.

This feature applies to the following models, provided they run the latest firmware:

Dakota 10
Dakota 20
Oregon 400t
Oregon 550t
Oregon 200, 300, 400, 450, 550 with the relevant firmware upgrade
Colorado 300, 400, 400t with the relevant firmware upgrade
Montana 600
Montana 650
Montana 600t
Σειρά Rino6xx
Σειρά Astro320
eTrex 20
eTrex 30
Edge 800

The creation of the map can be in EGSA87 (where a special algorithm calculates the rotation of the rectified frame of the image), but even better in WGS84 that gives perfect geometric accuracy. The user may configure the desired map composition and integrate its own data (in PRO version one can add large shapefiles, surveying drawings, other maps etc). This function creates the relevant KMZ file and automatically transfers it to GPS. The GPS must be a compatible model (both compatibility of the model and the firmware are checked before the procedure).
The ideal scale for high-resolution maps is 1:10,000 (Level 8).