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Toponavigator 6 Region

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Product Description

Practicality and Economy! Nine local applications with the full functionality of TopoNavigator5 (routing, search, free upgrade from the website, GPS map uploading etc.) are covering a large geographical area each one, combined with a much lower price (80 or 120 €, according to the area’s extent).

Each TopoRegion gives full access to the specific area’s data, while showing only rough figures in the rest of the country (major roads and cities). Navigation is also fully functional at the licensed area, with limited functionality beyond that. The geographic limitation also applies to the construction / loading maps for GPS Garmin as well as to name search. All other functions still remain available (ie, the user can enter and edit data) across the map area.

TopoRegion users have the same rights as of the full TopoNavigator5 version: 3 instalations, full technical support and free Internet upgrades. An additional charge is required to acquire the PRO edition features for the specific region.

Bilingual application:

– menus, messages, user manual: either in greek or in english.
– map labels (cities, place names, etc.): either in greek or in english orboth.