Toponavigator 6 GIS

Toponavigator GIS provides many advanced tools for data import, export and managment.

Major diferences over the HOME version include:
1. New GUI with 14 function groups. Groups collapse to free-up screen space.
2. GGRS87 workspace with direct creation of Garmin GPS compatible maps.
3. New interactive Overmap group.
4. Improved 20 m interval contour lines data set.
5. More cartographic data on any thematic layer (ex.g. > 10.000 place names added), yet 3 GB lesser disk space and 110 Mb lesser RAM used. Faster programm loading and response.
6. Six user profiles adjust information prioratization, density and symbology to create more readable thematic maps.
7. New tool to customize on-map display of information and editing tool sets


New terrain representation engine based on detailed 30m cell-size Digital Elevation Model; offers real-time shaded relief generation with adjustable elevation-zones color palette, relief-slope combination and aspect analysis.

10. Viewshed algorithm (visiual impact analysis) using numerous real-world parameters.



New “Network” digitize method: node creation (split-n-snap) on any intersection of new line on existing ones.

New tools Align & Distribute to correlate positions of points, lines, polygons and vertices.

New Generate tool creates and distributes points, lines & polygons.



Improved vector files (shapefiles, coverages & CAD files) handling engine now supports large files management.

Numerous new spatial analysis tools like Voronoi and Triangulation diagrams for any type of data and map feature, Convex hull of any type of data, minimum spaning tree etc

New topological analysis toolbox offers easy polyline intersection, smart multi-lines union, append shape to ppolygon, split polygon, clip line to polygon, network errors analysis etc.

Simplified image georeferencing technique.

Greek Cadastral Orthos download, projection to GGRS87 and advanced management for proffessional, of-line, use.